Friday, December 7, 2007

Pet Health Care Insurance

Recent revelations in scientific research have provided pet owners with the means to now save their beloved family pets from injuries and diseases that would have caused the pet to be euthanized in the not so distant past. The sad news is that when the unthinkable happens and a pet life hangs in the balance most pet owners find that they are unable to afford the often staggering price of the treatments which can range from $3000-$10000 and some cases even more, and are forced to euthanize their pets anyway. It is in these instances that pet owners wish they had the foresight to purchase a pet health insurance policy.

Pet health insurance is similar to human health insurance.

Pet owners who purchase pet health insurance plans from pet health insurance companies do so for a variety of reasons. They might be intrigued by the idea that they will be able to save on their pets annual trip to the vet or they might just be worried that if a serious health crisis develops they won't be able to afford the treatment.

Pet owners can pick from a variety of plants such as pet fatality/mortality insurance, major medical insurance, and basic medical insurance (policy names may vary from company to company.) Many pet health care insurance companies offer option a variety of additional riders to complement the pet health care insurance plan.

Mortality/fatality pet insurance is similar to human life insurance. The owner pays a premium every month the pet is alive in any event of its death the owner is reimbursed a predetermined amount of money. While the mortality/fatality insurance does not take the sting out of losing a beloved family pet it may help of any additional medical bills that accumulated at the end of your pet's life. Many owners used the check to assist with purchasing a new family pet. One thing's owners should be aware of when they possess AA mortality/fatality pet insurance plan is that most companies require that the owner contact them be for the pet is euthanized. They will often asked to speak to the veterinarian in charge of your pet's case.

Basic medical health insurance typically covers veterinarian expenses such as accidents, non-elective surgeries, hospitalization, and illnesses. One popular insurance company offers a plan that pays from cuts to cancer up to $1000; most pet owners use this plan for emergencies only. Pet owners are advised to purchase a pet health care insurance plan as early in their pet's life as possible. Many insurance companies and veterinarians point out that most freak accidents happen in the early years of a pet's life. Owners should be aware that most pet health insurance plans do not convert genetic dis-orders that develop in certain breeds and some of the more expensive surgeries. Most insurance plans also will not touch pre-existing conditions.

Horse owners may want to consider purchasing a loss of use policy for their horses. A loss of use policy pays if the force is injured so badly it is no longer able to be ridden or bred, but is not so badly injured to justify euthanizing the animal.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Contact Lists that Work When Job Hunting

Under normal circumstances, when you are job hunting, you ask for help from family, friends, and associates. You contact these people and ask if they know of any available job openings or business opportunities.

Your family, friends, and associates belong to your contact list. Your contact list is the list of people with whom you have or had some personal association. Former classmates, co-workers, or even a neighbor may belong to your contact list.

These people are usually willing to help you in your job search or business venture. They can provide you information or refer you to trustworthy people who are in a position to help you. If they introduce you to some of their own contacts, they can surely provide honest information to you as well as about you, regarding the person you are going to associate with.

In case you're scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to expanding your own contact list, here's some suggestions for you...

  • Members of your church, your political party, social club, fraternity or sorority

You might not have thought about it but people who share the same faith, beliefs, or hobbies may also help you when it comes to landing a job. You may have a different career from theirs but they might know somebody who is in the same field or will be able to help you in your career.

However, depending on your level of association with them, they may think twice about giving their opinion or thoughts about their contacts. Their opinion can sometimes help you in creating a strategy on how to approach and ask for help from their contacts.

  • People who sell you things

You may think that your relationship with these people is based purely on trading goods and services however, people who sell you things can be outstanding sources of information when it comes to networking.

Since these people sell their goods to different types of people and businesses, they might know somebody who belongs to the same field as you do, or have heard information about your target job from their other clients.

These people are almost always happy to help you, since they know that maintaining a pleasant relationship with you means stable business for them in the future. Having a good job means you've increased your purchasing power which means you might purchase more from them.

  • Former employers, colleagues or co-workers

Maintaining a good relationship with previous employers and colleagues has more benefits than you can imagine. This is the reason that most people try their best to straighten out any difficulties they might have with their previous employers even if they are no longer associated with the company. Aside from the possibility that your potential employer will call previous employers when they review your job history, former employers and colleagues are also a good source of information related to that field.

When you ask for help from family and friends, there is the possibility that the information that they can give to you is just from another source. They may not be able to give you first-hand information or detailed information unless they also work in the same field that you came from or considering going into.

This is very different when you consult former employers and colleagues from the same sector. They are able to provide you with valuable information and may be able to clarify information and answer your questions.

  • Members of your professional organization

If you belong to a professional organization related to the field you're performing your job search in, you can consult the organization for current posting from the members. If you don't belong to any, consider joining one since this will be beneficial to you career growth in the future.

A professional organization provides you unbiased information on current job openings from its members. These organizations give you details on the company profile and even on current market and career trends so be sure not to discount them when it comes to your job search.

These are the most important people that you should include when creating a list of contacts. It is better if you contact every one of them so you can have as many options as possible for your job search. When you DO talk to them, be sure to tell them that you are actively seeking a job RIGHT NOW.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Buying a Fishing Boat

Selecting the right fishing boat is a real challenge and especially a lot of fun for someone who is new to boating. If you haven't experienced buying a boat before, it can certainly be a daunting task.

Before you start looking, it's very important to consider the actual purpose and utilization of your fishing boat. A fishing boat absolutely serves one main purpose - fishing. You have to decide if you plan to fish in the ocean, or in other bodies of water, such as lakes. This is very important, as there are different types of fishing boats available.

If you plan to use your fishing boat for ocean cruising and overnight stays, boat parties, etc. it would be ideal to buy one that has a hull. This design is meant for rough waters, riding the waves, and providing more comfort for anglers while they fish.

When you buy a fishing boat, you want to find out if it also includes a warranty. If it does, you definitely need to study the warranty as not all warranties are the same. Buying your boat from a dealer is always a smart decision, since dealers provide repair services if the boat is ever found to be defective. Not only that, but private parties will rarely (if ever) offer you any kind of a guarantee.

It's also important when buying a fishing boat to note if the boat is certified by the or NMMA. This association guarantees that the certification they give to every boat passes the NMMA's standards of excellence.

When it comes down to it, you should do more than just look around when it comes to a fishing boat. You should learn how to look for the best details to ensure that your boat is worth the money.

If you take the time to look around, you'll find a boat that you can truly be proud of.

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